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Clinton Country Club
2020 Tournament Schedule

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Due to COVID-19 Tournaments will be updated when they are confirmed that they are still having them.  

Sat. 13st                  Stephen Herrold Memorial                   9:00am SG

Sun 12th                 Bucktail Hospital                                   9:00am SG
Mon.. 13
th              Gap Jr. Golf Tournament                      TT 8:30am
Fri. 24
th                  Deb Shirley                                           12:30pm SG
Sat. 25
th                 Club Championship                               TT’s 8:30am - 11:30am
Sun. 26
th                Club Championship                               TT’s 8:30am - 11:30am

Sat. 15th                 Night Flight Tournament                          7:45pm SG
Sun 16th                Haywoods Jr.                                            2:00pm
Sat. 22th                 Senior Championship                              TT’s 8:30am - 11:30am
Sun. 23
th                Senior Championship                               TT’s 8:30am - 11:30am
Sun. 30th                Haywood’s Open                                       TBD
Mon. 31st              JS American Legion Riders                        TBD

Sun. 13th                Mixed Invitational                                      TT’s TBD
Tues. 15
th              Senior Invitational                                      TT’s TBD
Wed.. 16
th              Senior Invitational                                     TT’s TBD
Thurs. 17
th             Senior Invitational                                     TT’s TBD
Fri. 25
th                  Wayne Township Landfill                           1:00am SG
Fri. 9th                    Clinton County Leadership                       11:00am SG
Sun. 11
th                Fall Scramble                                            TBD

Sat. 17th                 Par 3 – Cross Country                              10:00am

Central Mountain High School Matches

8/25 Tuesday                       18 Hole Match                             1:00pm SG

9/1 Tuesday                          18 Hole Match                            1:00pm SG
9/2 Wednesday                    9 Hole Match                               3:30pm
9/14 Monday                        9 Hole Match                               3:30pm

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